Portfolio Companies

Faneuil is a nationally recognized leader in technology-enabled in-person and automated service delivery, particularly in highly complex environments in which precision and mastery of guidelines are of critical importance. For nearly 20 years, Faneuil has earned the confidence and trust of its clients.

Faneuil provides business processing solutions for an extensive client portfolio that includes both commercial and government entities across several verticals, focusing on utilities and commercial healthcare. Utilizing advanced applications and a team of service professionals, Faneuil delivers broad outsourcing support, ranging from customer contact centers, fulfillment operations and information technology services, with the goal of building its clients’ brands by providing exemplary customer service.

Faneuil’s customer contact centers are staffed by professionals who undergo intensive training and development, followed by structured monitoring and assessments, before they are certified to process customer contacts. As they work to earn tenure, Faneuil’s customer contact specialists continuously perfect the quality of their service delivery through multiple communication channels, including telephone, fax, email, web chat and face-to-face interaction. Faneuil’s agents are trained in voice tone, pace and diction avoiding jargon that could confuse callers who are unfamiliar with its clients’ programs and to interact with customers in a way that enables them to feel at ease.

Ranew’s began operations in 1981 as an automotive paint and body shop and has evolved to a leading supplier of industrial coating services to multi-national manufacturers and their suppliers. Over the years, the business added precision fabrication and assembly capabilities providing vertical integration and support for its suppliers and its customers. Additionally, Ranew’s leverages its manufacturing capabilities to manufacture and distribute two of its own product lines, the Firminator and Tuff Dump trailers.

Ranew’s operates facilities in four states across the Southeast and Midwest United States to ensure they provide their customers with the lowest cost and best response time possible. They offer electrocoat, powder coat, and liquid coatings with the assets and expertise to handle products of all sizes and volumes. In their manufacturing operations, they offer laser cutting, forming, welding and assembly with significant experience integrating a wide variety of complex products and systems.

Vistio is an innovative and unique contact center agent workflow solution designed to optimize agent and contact center performance. The solution provides agents with intelligence augmentation through a combination of contextual rules-based scripting with step-by-step guidance, an assortment of technologies including artificial intelligence and robotic process automation (RPA), and a differentiated approach to solution delivery. The result is agents reach job proficiency much quicker and are enabled to confidently provide quick and accurate resolution to customer inquiries.

Vistio was founded on the belief that most contact centers’ technology investments complicate the process of delivering a great customer experience rather than simplifying it and there had to be a better way. At its core, Vistio’s solution simplifies the agent experience allowing contact centers to significantly improve performance and meet the customer’s heightened experience expectations. With Vistio, clients quickly achieve sustainable competitive advantage and capture their expected ROI as they transform their approach to their call centers.